Since 1949, Piedmont Orthopaedics has been providing the Upstate, SC area with cutting-edge orthopedic treatment and surgery. Our independent group practice fosters collaboration among our orthopedists, physical therapists, and support staff, which results in excellent orthopedic care for the community.

Get Movin' with POA!

From the tips of your fingers through your hips to your toes, Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates has the surgical expertise to get you movin'! Learn more about our evaluation and treatment procedures from head to toe: foot & ankle, hand & shoulder, hip & knee, back & neck. With specialists in sports medicine and physical therapy, POA offers the most comprehensive orthopedic services in the Greenville, SC area.

DID YOU KNOW........

Even if you have a TSA Notification Card or a letter from your doctor regarding metal implants, this DOES NOT exempt you from any screening processes.  Please click HERE and HERE for more information.  The TSA website also has additional links on these pages that may help you better understand why even people with metal implants are subject to searches like any other person.